New! Water Proof Case for Tablet or Smartphone

Water Proof Case

We've all been there, we just dropped our favorite electronic in the sink, tub, toilet, puddle, lake, river, stream, ocean, lagoon; whatever. There's no saving it now. It's gone. Forever. But what if there was a way we could've saved our beloved device? Now there is. With this Water Proof Case it's not only possible to protect it from the elements, but is actually usable under water thanks to the highly touch sensitive material! Take pictures of your favorite aquatic scene without the fear of losing your device ever again. This case will protect your device from water, snow, dust, dirt, and sand making it the perfect companion for any outdoor getaway.

• 1. Protects your smartphone or tablet against water, dust, dirt and sand
• 2. Transparent design and material allows you to view and access your phone while still in the case
• 3. Option of elastic arm strap & neck strap for maximum portability

• Size: 4.6" ×7.6"
• Type: Pouch
• Material: PVC
• Weight: 0.06 Pounds
• Color: Blue

• 1 x Waterproof Pouch Bag
• 1 x Lanyard

This Water Proof Case comes with 1 Year Warranty.

If you have any question about our warranty policies, please contact us

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