New! 3 Piece Tool Set

3 Piece Tool Set: 13-in-1 Multi Tool, 15-in-1 Pocket Knife, and Flashlight

This is a tool set that MacGyver could be proud of. This 3 Piece Tool Set includes a 13-in-1 Multi Tool, 15-in-1 Pocket Knife, and Flashlight. In other words if you can name a tool, this set has it. Each set is designed and manufactured in accordance with U.S. Federal and ANSI specification. Get this quality piece today and you'll never need another tool set again.

• Tool can be used for can opener, bottle opener, large slotted screwdriver, medium slotted screwdriver, drop point blade, knife, wire cutter, standard pliers, long nose pliers and etc.

• Weight: 0.59 pounds
• Length: 3.8 inch +6.2 inch +3.5 inch (Approx)
• Materials: Stainless Steel, Flashlight Aluminum

• 1 × 13-in-1 Multi Tools
• 1 × 15-in-1 Pocket Knife
• 1 × Aluminum Flashlight

This Tool Set comes with 1 Year Warranty.

If you have any question about our warranty policies, please contact us

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