New! Folding Credit Card Knife

Folding Credit Card Knife

It seems like you always need a knife but theres never one nearby. Well this Folding Credit Card Knife can fit the bill. With the ability to fold and fit right into your wallet, this knife is the epitome of convenience. Never again will you be without one of the most handy tools around. Stay sharp and get this knife today!

• Sharp utility knife the size of a credit card
• Updated features include stiffer, polypropylene body and unique safety lock (cannot open in pocket or drawer and child proof)

• Material: Stainless Steel Blade
• Blade Color: Black
• Super Light Polypropylene Body
• Built-in Sheath
• Rust Free

• 1 x Folding Credit Card Knife

This Card Knife comes with 1 Year Warranty.

If you have any question about our warranty policies, please contact us

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