New! Blackboard Sticker

Easy Peel Blackboard Sticker

This deal is definitely all that its chalked up to be! Time to learn anwhere and everywhere! Introducing the Easy Peel Blackboard Sticker, a portable blackboard that sticks to almost any flat surface! Whether you're a teacher looking for new ways to educate, a parent trying to teach their child, or just looking for a new way to create art, this is the perfect fit for you! This deal won't stick around forever, so get yours today!

• Non-toxic, environmental protection, waterproof
• This product can be directly attached to the walls, ceramics, glass, windows, mirrors, etc. (Will work with any flat, even, and smooth surface)

• Material: Nontoxic PVC
• Dimension: 78.7" x 17.7"
• Color: Black

• 1 x Blackboard Sticker
• 5 x Chalks

This Blackboard Sticker comes with 1 Year Warranty.

If you have any question about our warranty policies, please contact us

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